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Ways in Which an Accountant Can Help Businesses Succeed

As experienced chartered accountants since 1980, we’ve helped many businesses with their accounts and helped them to move forward towards continued success in doing so. If you’re on the fence about hiring a third-party accounting firm to carry out your financial work and instead have been doing it yourself while trying to run your business, you may be overlooking the many ways in which an accountant could help your business grow and thrive.

Ways in Which an Accountant Can Help Businesses Succeed

Help in The Beginning Stages of Business and Beyond

​If you’re a new business or a start-up, there are so many things an accountancy practice can help with. As business advisors, we can help you determine the best structure for your business, provide financial analysis for your business plan, ensure your accounting procedures are compliant, give tips on the best ways to track expenses and so much more. A helpful and approachable accountant really can be invaluable in the beginning stages of business and can help you get things right from the very start so that there are no major bumps in the road at later stages.

Once your business is up and running there are many things an accountant can do on an ongoing basis to help with the overall running of your business. This includes preparing and explaining financial statements so you can fully understand your business, tax planning, VAT returns, bookkeeping, payroll and so much more. This can allow you to focus on the things you’re best at in your business, rather than creating spreadsheets and updating numbers.

Help Your Business Grow

If you’re looking to grow your business, there are many things a professional accountant can help with at this stage too. David Shores & Co could assist with helping you identify areas for growth by providing insight on cash flow patterns, lead times, interim billing and so much more. We can provide you with financial forecasts to allow you to make informed decisions and create a budget for your business to support your goals.

As professional and experienced accountants we can review your financial records to identity areas in your business where you could save money, let you know if you’re not claiming all the expenses you could be, areas where you’re paying too much money and places where you could cut back to increase profits. These are all things that are difficult for a business owner to find the time to do whilst also managing the day to day running of a business.

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